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At Hush we deliver original, consumer first research and strategies that will give your brand an edge. We are not a traditional agency.

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What we do

Whilst every brief is unique, we typically see three levels of support required. Our experience is in solving a wide breadth of business, brand, category, shopper, and product challenges…

Mixed methodology studies

Mixed methodology studies - for strategic challenges and briefs

Let us partner with you to deliver efficient end to end studies, tailored to your brief and business needs. Typically leverages both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

  • Consumer led brand development, relaunch and refreshes
  • Consumer segmentation studies
  • New category of brand strategies
  • Product and packaging reinvention
  • Resolving brand challenges
Single methodology approaches

Single methodology approaches - for speed and precision

We will engage the right consumers using the right methodology to make sure we uncover original insights and narratives and/or validate existing thinking. Often likely to incorporate qualitative approaches including focus groups, interviews, ethnography and semiotics.

  • Concept and positioning testing
  • Pain point, motivation and journey mapping
  • Social media or review analytics
  • Home use test and product breakdowns
  • Online or face to face UX testing
  • Claims development and testing
Reframe existing data

Reframe existing data - for efficiency

Give us your data or reports and we will unlock its potential by combining it with any available open access data and quickly and efficiently turn it into:

  • Strategic territories or scenarios for interrogation
  • Creative content to inspire workshops and innovation
  • Thought leadership reports to provoke new directions
  • All can be used by your teams or us to facilitative workshops and sprints

AQR Qualitative Excellence Award Winner

AQR Winner

Reasons to choose Hush

Bespoke & Global Expertise

Bespoke & Global Expertise

Each project is bespoke, led by Stephanie Holland and backed by an enviable network of global expert researchers, strategists and technology.
Unrivalled Guidance

Unrivalled Guidance

With firsthand experience of building brands for global companies, we offer unrivalled guidance from shaping the right brief to exec alignment to launch.
Specialists For You

Specialists For You

Specialists in pregnancy, babies, children and youth, parenting and women’s health.
Jenny Lockwood MullaneyGlobal Product Leader
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"Steph’s work consistently yields richer insights than our product, category and commercial teams anticipate. From white space prospecting to packaging reinvention, from brand message design to product home use testing, her unique blend of curiosity, creativity and business acumen DELIVERS on actionable recommendation"
Diana MontadorVP Research and Customer Insights
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"Steph has been a great partner to us - she has worked with us on two of our biggest research initiatives since I've been at the company. She is very strategic and easy to work with. But I think Steph's superpower is stakeholder management. She came on board and quickly gained credibility with the team and senior management. I think we all think of her as an extended part of the team now."
John SavageChief Commercial Officer
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"Steph has an amazing ability to assess the market context, very quickly join the dots between different data sources & to come up with innovative & practical marketing solutions that will really make a difference to your business. She’s very experienced, has excellent empathy with clients & is great fun to work with."
Michele GettinsChief Marketing Officer
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"Steph is tuned into the consumer and ensures we are always thinking consumer first. She has an amazing strategic marketing brain and the ability to cut through 'noise' to land the most pertinent point. An effective influencer and respected widely by all. I would highly recommend Steph to any business looking for strategic marketing support and real consumer driven insight and innovation."
Eléonore Lagny DelatourHead of Marketing
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"I have been lucky to work with Stephanie as we kicked off a big brand renovation project across FR & UK. I was impressed by the quality of her work: she has outstanding consumer & brand understanding and is able to develop compelling and sustainable brand strategies. All learnings and outputs gained through her consultancy have truly and thoroughly informed the re-positioning strategy of our business (new comms, new design, new portfolio architecture, business considerations, innovation strategy). Stephanie has proved to be a great partner to work with, showcasing strong leadership of her team, and being really flexible, patient, supportive and accommodating to our challenging requests as a client."

About us

At HUSH we believe that great products, brands and strategies start with great insight. That’s why we help you find your edge – that transformational insight that will cut through the noise.

By tapping into our trusted network of global experts including semioticians, videographers, specialist panel partners and more, we build exactly the right team for every brief without inefficiencies or compromise.

We also partner with selected agencies who share the same values to provide qualitative expertise and strategic support.

Hush specialises in consumer goods and in particular parenting brands with expertise in brand and category strategy, in home ethnography, product testing and development, claims and innovation. We partner with organisations from the early-stage start up to the global corporate.

We’ve found insight into customers for leading brands.

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Whilst every brief is unique, we typically see three levels of support required. Our experience is in solving a wide breadth of business, brand, category, shopper, and product challenges…